• Experience Our Award Winning Royal Collection

    Indulge yourself in our Royal Collection line of gourmet chocolates. Our flavors are prepared fresh with the highest quality of top shelf liquors, whiskeys, bourbons and more. Eat like Royalty with BaTer Chocolates.

BaTer Chocolates….Eat Like Royalty

Welcome to BaTer Chocolates. Our speciality chocolates are custom created with care and attention to the detail of taste. At BaTer only the best chocolates, fillings, and liquors are used  in our products.  Our chocolate chefs strive to create a Royal chocolate dining expereince. Every time you eat a BaTer chocolate you are eating like royalty.

We are often asked  why we are so focused on creating such an experience. Our response is….Eating BaTer Chocolates should be an experience to remember…after all, our chocolates are special and so is the one you are buying for!

Our motto is simple: To simply provide the best chocolate, period! If you are not eating like Royalty, you are not eating Bater Chocolates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Worldwide delivery

Our chocolates can be shipped world wide.

Free shipping

All of our prices include shipping. * If we are shipping overseas there may be additional shipping fees based on the country being shipped to.

Secure Payment

We take security very seriously. We are 100% secure in our payment gateways.

Got a special occasion?

We can customize orders to fit your needs or special occasion. Just call us at 540-693-5313

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